Backing off petrified situations is rational


-The Syrian pains are all-encompassing and represented by dark black addresses, distributed between want, impotence, disability, sterility, malfunction, blindness to priorities, and tampering with the economy, security and safety.

Today, all Syrians revolve around a pain-free society, one of its most important characteristics, to be a complementary and not destructive society. Enjoying a culture of diversity, not mono-cultural. Carrying a culture of coexistence, not ostracism, and accepts that he is an opponent, and he accepts who opposes it. Adhering to the thinking and action of a culture of participation in the management of public affairs. An interactive society that is not passive with the different one. Looking at his doctrine, nationality and religion from the gate of society and its components and peoples and he does not look at the other on the basis of his sect, nationality or religion.

As for the political parties that were influential at one time, they need to get out of their dilemma, which is the inability to shirk their responsibilities, and therefore it is required of them today, is to realize that the previous data are not like the data of today and they should not assume that it is possible to return to zero.

The state of tyranny, internal frustration, and mass disorganization would deepen the cracks within any political system, so the relative retreat from the initial frozen positions is a rational, rational and strategic understanding of the stage, even if these positions come late.

The most important versus this estrangement between the regimes and their people, today lines of gold are a civilized project in which all meet, for the first time the project of a state (with its negatives and positives) aligns with a project that starts from the angles of society (with its negatives and positives) with an audience project, with the project of a nation. And with international public sympathy. This in itself is unique and new, which mixes all the cards of change and reform, its methodologies and its parties, and gives another taste and a new dimension to all the coming political tracks, and opens the way for wide future and strategic changes.

The greatest victory achieved by the democratic projects that we adopt remains in the field of intellectual and ideological construction and mental and emotional formation, and it constitutes an important and significant turning point in the relationship of peoples and components to each other and an end to the biggest dilemma that has befallen them and contributed over centuries to fragmenting them and destroying their unity.

In conclusion, the building of the great orientations of the peoples and the formation of an active and creative mentality, has already started in northern and eastern Syria through a civilized and important stage, in which one culture has ended and another has begun, and access to the crossings of history has begun through victory and construction.

What makes us confident about our steps is that this burning and solid roots in its construction and construction is what is decided by the will of life among peoples and components, and it is a responsibility that stems from a will that is based on work for the common good, public affairs, and good for all.


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