Autonomous Administration of N, E Syria: “the absence of any part of the Constitutional Commission deepens the crisis”

The Department of Foreign Relations in Autonomous Administration of north and east Syria stressed the importance of drafting the Syrian constitution, in a statement issued on Monday and considered the absence of any party means the absence of democracy in the constitution.

The statement stressed the need for the engagement of all Syrians in any efforts that aim at finding a solution and dialogue, and advancing the political process, stressing the “necessity” of the existence of the political administration in north and eastern Syria, pointing out that the latter “represents the will of millions of different components in our regions”.

The statement added that they view “the importance of the issue of drafting a Syrian democratic constitution with the participation of all Syrians and all components and regions”, noting that “the absence of any party means the absence of democracy in the constitution”.

While the Autonomous Administration considers that “the exclusion of the will of our people from the political solution negotiations, or any other efforts, in particular the reformulation of the constitution, is unfair in light of the made sacrifices for the unity of Syria and its people, and for the sake of stability and democracy”.

Moreover, the statement pointed out that the above mentioned “will make us in a position that we will not be concerned with any outputs without us, as we believe that the vision of the Syrian scene in a practical and realistic way, serves the stability and solution, and the absence of any important Syrian part means deepening the crisis, and this is contrary to our pursuit and efforts to serve Syria and its people”.

The statement added that the reasons for these clarifications come after the “political solution is the only and optimal one, through serious and responsible attitudes on all sides, and taking into account the reality of change in Syria”.


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