Al-Fares: PYD Seeks to Realize all Components Aspirations 

In a statement to the PYD Website, Sheikh Ragheb Al-Fares, one of the elders of the Zebid Tribe, said that the PYD, which was founded in 2003, is a political party that seeks to realize the aspirations of all components in the region, it has proven its Syrian national identity through its programs that call for the unity of the territory and people of Syria within a democratic, decentralized, pluralistic state.

Al-Fares said in the same context that the PYD put the interests of Syria in the priorities of its struggle, taking into account the rights of citizenship, the rule of law, equality and reducing ignorance, poverty, and underdevelopment.

He added that the party struggles on the basis of the principle of the peoples’ fraternity and peaceful coexistence between all components, which is the common ground that constitutes the common life of all components of Syria by the project of the democratic nation among all peoples, ethnicities, and sects, and this is a joint struggle between all the components of the Arab, Kurdish, Syriac, Assyrian, and Turkmen, to get rid of the mindset that worked to disperse society, and enable the coexistence of peoples and all components within the framework of free voluntary union on the basis of the common homeland and the democratic nation.

Therefore, the Autonomous Administrations of Northeastern Syria, based on equity, partnership, and gender equality, was formed and youth were given their leading role

as well as giving women their leading role in all political and community areas and participation in the co-presidency of all councils and departments.

Sheikh Ragheb Al-Fares added: This project is considered the most successful solution for all issues and we aspire to be circulated in Syria, in general, to achieve peace and stability on all its geography to reach a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria for all Syrians.

At the end of his speech, he addressed a message to the PYD on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the founding of the party, saying: Our message to the leaders of the PYD is that we must preserve the achievements of our people achieved with free will and heroic resistance and with the great sacrifices of our sons and daughters from all components of the Northeast. Syria, Arabs, Kurds and Syrians, and to maintain our military, political, societal, intellectual and intellectual victories and make the party’s project calling for Syrian-Syrian dialogue a way to get Syria out of the quagmire of destruction.




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