6 years passed, AA made an alternative to the nation-state and solution to Syrian crisis

The Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazeera region formed the basic building block for Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, and during six years of continuous work, it made the region a difficult number in the Syrian political and military equation, and attracted the world’s attention to an alternative system of the nation-state system, through a decentralized system and a solution to the Syrian crisis.

With the beginning of the Syrian crisis and the deviation of the Syrian movement from its path, and its dependence on foreign countries, and in the midst of the Syrian regime’s struggle with the so-called Syrian opposition over the government, the people of NE, Syria chose a different path, which they called the third line approach, away from foreign policies through the AA project democracy.

The birth of the first Autonomous Administration was announced on January 21, 2014 in the Al-Jazeera canton in Rojava, in the form of two executive and legislative assemblies, which included political, civil and clan figures, in accordance with all components of the region, including “Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, and Chechens”, with their different religions. Muslims, Christians, and Yezidis, “political parties and civil society institutions, were called Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazeera canton, and later turned to Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazeera region after the establishment of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria.

The Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazeera region after 6 years of its formation demonstrated to the Syrians at the internal level, and to the neighboring countries at the regional level, and to the world at the external level, the ability of the people to manage themselves on their own, without relying on centralization in governing the region, and how to form a decentralized management project far from the national central state.

On the internal level

The Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazeera region formed its institutional structure for enacting laws and regulations, and another executive to implement decisions and laws, through the “Legislative Council, the Executive Council, the Judicial Council, the High Commission for Elections, the Supreme Constitutional Court, local councils” based on a social contract that recognizes the rights of individuals and groups in accordance with the covenants International norms, along with an internal system that guarantees the representation of all components, as well as the fair representation of women in all institutions of AA.

The Legislative Council of the Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazeera is the highest legislative and supervisory body, whose members are elected by the people through free and democratic elections, it draws public policy according to the approach of Democratic Autonomous Administration, and enacts laws in accordance with the charter of the social contract.

As for the executive council in Al-Jazeera region, it is considered the highest administrative and executive body in the canton, and it is accountable to the Legislative Council in its scope of work, and it implements laws, decisions and decrees issued by the Legislative Council and judicial institutions, through specialized bodies affiliated with it, and also coordinates work between institutions of AA.

AA formed through its councils and bodies an integrated administrative structure at all levels, political, security, economic, health, education, and local administration sectors, as a guarantee for managing the affairs of the population of the region, and ensuring security and stability.

Today, 6 years after its founding, the Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazeera region represents the cantons of “Qamishlo, al-Hasakah”, and it is made up of all components of society, without exception, and it includes political, national, religious, sectarian, and cultural spectrums. It also formed an accumulated experience and expertise to establish many local administrations in the north and east of Syria, such as “Manbij, al-Tabqa, al-Raqqa, Deir-ez-Zor” and it became the basic building block for building Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria, which was established on September 6, 2018 and includes 7 administrative regions.

Within 6 years, the Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazeera managed to establish it from the age of 105 laws in an effort to organize society, including those related to “defense, women, the environment, and social life”, and the election of officials of its executive offices, as well as licensing of 35 parties and political blocs in the region, and turned Its laws are a focal point for the departments of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, due to its long experience, and providing expertise and advice to the rest of the departments.

The Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazeera region has become a focal point in the structure and laws, with the formation of Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, whose tasks are to coordinate actions between the seven departments, unify decisions and laws, and facilitate the service of the region, due to the expansion of the newly liberated areas in NE, Syria, and after the formation of 7 different departments in different areas of the Syrian geography.

On the external level

The experience of AA of Al-Jazeera achieved a qualitative step on the external level, as it attracted the attention of various countries of the world, and attracted many Arab and foreign delegations to get acquainted with the newborn experience. The matter is evident by the rate of the opening of many official representatives to it in some western countries, after which it will turn into representations of AA in NE, Syria.

It also managed to open up to the outside world, through its heroism and victories in combating ISIS mercenaries in the region, as well as being the first step to win Western friends, and was the first to form a conviction to the international community that AA is the only project that was proposed to solve the Syrian crisis in light of the complex circumstances Syria is going through.

A difficult path

The path of Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazeera region was not without difficulties and obstacles. In this context, Hussein Azzam, the co-chair of the Legislative Council in Al-Jazeera region, said: “There were internal and external difficulties that faced AA, the first being media distortion about the project of AA, and the opposition of some of the Syrian parties who are mortgaged abroad to the project of AA in an attempt to block the way to resolving the Syrian crisis “.

Azzam added: “Likewise, the military attacks launched on the region, whose names have been numerous, from Jabhat al-Nusra to ISIS and then Turkish mercenaries today, along with the geographical blockade, especially the closure of the crossings, and the increasing numbers of displaced persons from other regions to the areas of AA, as what happened recently, the forced displacement of the people of Tel-Abyed and Ras al-Ain, a greater difficulty on the service level in the region. “

Fateful challenges and determination to continue the struggle

In addition to the thorny march of AA from its inception until now, it is currently facing fateful challenges, which impose on the peoples of the region to strengthen their solidarity and detour around this administration.

On the one hand, the Turkish occupation state continues its efforts to undermine AA through direct occupation, as happened in Afrin, Tel-Abyed and Ras al-Ain and the continuation of these endeavors. On the other hand, the regime still clings to the old mentality that is based on one party and the central state, and is trying in various ways to undermine the project of AA.

Likewise, the position of the so-called Syrian opposition is no less retroactive than the regime’s position in terms of not accepting the idea that the peoples of the region manage themselves.

In the light of all these challenges, the peoples of the region confirm their determination and determination to protect this acquired, which was achieved with the blood of thousands of martyrs and through a bitter and continuous struggle for 6 years.

News source / HAWAR Agency


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