Rights org: Turkish occupation escalates violations in Afrin to bring about demographic change

The human rights organization in Afrin said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries kidnapped 96 civilians during the months of March and April, in addition to killing 4 people, including two elderly people.

According to the Human Rights Organization – Afrin, the Turkish occupation mercenaries since the first of March to this day have kidnapped 96 civilians from the people of Afrin, including 4 women, and 4 people were killed, including two elderly people, and have uprooted 6,000 olive trees in the village of Deir Ballut in the district of Janders, as well as the excavation of antiquities in Tel Andalib, in the village of Ster, which belongs to the city of Afrin, and Tel Jernas, in the village of Sinara in the Shiah district, and the shelling of the shrine of Sheikh Mustafa Idris in the village of Qara Baba in Rajo district. Besides, the Turkish occupation has demolished a mosque in the Shiah district as a result of digging under the mosque in order to excavate the antiquities, razing the shrine of the martyr Avesta Khabour and turning it into the sheep trade market.

The Turkish state, through its mercenaries, is seeking to make a demographic change in Afrin since its occupation of the canton to this day amid the silence of international public opinion.

In this context, the co-chair of the Executive Council of Afrin region told Hawar News Agency that the Turkish state commits violations against the people of Afrin on a daily basis, and not only that, but it sends its mercenaries to Libya and Yemen and creates problems in many other countries.

Bakr pointed out that Turkey uses mercenaries to evade responsibilities “mercenary groups are a tool for Turkey to evade the responsibilities of violations committed against the nature of Afrin and its people, while Al-Shahba canton is also witnessing daily shelling by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries with the aim of emptying the villages where the displaced residents reside.”

Bakr also noted the continued international silence on violations, which would open the door for mercenaries to escalate their practices and violations.

Bakr appealed to the international community to intervene in order to reduce the crimes committed by the Turkish state against the people of Afrin.

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