Afrin for its people and it will be home to peace as it was before the Turkish invasion

Since the Turkish state began invading Afrin, where mercenaries have been exploited as core for launching attacks that is violating all ethical standards and humanitarian principles, as infrastructure, service centers, hospitals, and sacred and historical places have been targeted, and their mercenaries have committed atrocities practices and violations till the moment without accountability.

War has its rules, but none of these rules have been respected, and all of this has been documented by international and domestic institutions, and these actions and practices are still ongoing by Turkish fascist mercenaries.

Looting and kidnapping of children with the aim of recruiting them to invade Turkey to Libya are still continuing in front of the world’s eyes, as recent clashes revealed places where mercenaries who call themselves al-Hamzat mercenaries are holding eight women in exchange for ransom since the beginning of the invasion in practices that do not differ from ISIS practices, not mention of the daily killing of women, elderly, demographic change, systematic Turkification policy which became a common sight

We in the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), call on international and international parties interested in the Syrian issue, human rights and justice to carry out their responsibilities, and hold the Turkish occupation state accountable for those crimes it commits itself directly or through its mercenaries that operate under its orders and which sponsors, finances and directs it as it wants, as it will not The Turkish state can evade its responsibility for the practices of its gangs, and we call for the opening of an international investigation in order to monitor violations committed by Turkey and its mercenaries in Afrin, Ras al-Ain and  Tel Abyad and the general areas that had been occupied by Turkish in the entire Syria, and we call on the world to contribute to returning Afrin and all areas of the Turkish occupation to its people after its liberation from the clutches of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. Hundreds of thousands of displaced people from Afrin and other areas are looking for a decent and safe return to their homes after pushing the occupiers out their areas.

Afrin for its people, and it will be home to peace and brotherhood of peoples as they were before the invasion.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)

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